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The lilies boyfriend sent me on Thursday have bloomed!
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do u know any marie wifes or gf that live in cali by or on camp pendleton?

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Anyone out there?


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God I'm so damn scared for my guy to deploy. I'm so scared.

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Don’t be. Deployments are only as scary as you make them out to be. The communication sucks, you do worry, but they’re not so horrible. Relax, talk to your so about your fears, concerns, etc. you’ll be fine.


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My boyfriend of 3 years just left for bootcamp.. It's really tough cause I'm used to seeing him everyday. I don't think I've ever felt this pain before. It hurts a lot not to see him, please tell me it gets easier. Cause honestly all I want to do is cry and spend my whole day in bed..

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It does and it doesnt.. You will find ways to cope and handle the pain but it wont go away. Always remember that he is not ignoring you he actually can not talk to you! Stay calm and talk to us if you need to! Stay strong sweetie!


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I wish my boyfriend could feel how it feels to be in my position and I wish I could feel how it was to be in his position. He doesn't understand what dating a man in the military is like and I don't know what being in the military is like ... It hurts cause when ever I say I'm upset about him not being here he never knows what to say to make me feel better

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This is something I think we all feel. It’s tough for both parties. Where they will never know and we won’t, but both parties need to be understanding. If he can’t call because of work you’re allowed to be upset and still be understanding. I think this is where we all get our emotions twisted. But sometimes you don’t need him to say the right thing just letting them know how you feel is enough. It’s all part of the struggle, but at the end of the day as long as you think it’s worth it there’s nothing to be worried about.


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So my deployed SO and I have been fighting a lot lately, last week it got to the point where we were at blows for 3 days straight. We eventually made up and said that that wouldn't happen again. Yesterday we started fighting again and he basically said that I shouldn't tell him to be positive and that I have no right to? I explained to him I was just trying to help, he told me I need to be the positive one for the both of us. How do you be positive when your SO is so negative all the time?

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Ok this had been in our inbox for a week. I’m really very very sorry no one has answered you!!!!

Personally I did not want to answer this because in my relationship 9 out of 10 times I’m the negative one. So my advice is what my boyfriend does for me. He reminds me how much time is left, encourages me by saying we’ve made it xyz amount of days/months/weeks, he’ll remind me all of what we’ve made it through military career wise. He’ll also ease the tension by telling me he loves me and misses me. Sometimes we’ll talk about what were going to do when he gets back, video chats always help me feel better.

Hope this can help, so sorry again it’s been over a week!


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I'm getting ready to move to be with my husband the end of May, and he wants to use military movers to come get our stuff. The majority of it is his since he left it here while he was in basic. Does anyone have any experience and/or advice with military moves?

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From what I’ve dealt with, if you’re husband has been at his duty station before you guys got married you will have to pay for your move and do everything yourselves. Although, he could possibly ask if he’s allowed to use the movers but i doubt it. I could be wrong though. Now, if you were on his orders before he got there then you can use the movers. If you do use the movers make sure you put aside what you want to bring with you, put it in a room dont let any of them go in. It will take a couple of weeks for all your stuff to get there, so you want to bring what you think you’ll need in the meantime. Dont pack anything they will do it for you, make sure you keep track of all the things you have, take pictures if you have to! Sometimes they might break stuff or stuff will go missing and you want to make sure you have proof if anything goes bad.

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I’m in for the night and I’ll be on periodically, so fill up the inbox with questions, rants anything you want!


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Fall in love with someone who wants you, who waits for you. who understands you even in the madness; someone who helps you, and guides you, someone who is your support, your hope. fall in love with someone who talks with you after a fight. Fall in love with someone who misses you and wants to be with you. Do not fall in love only with a body or with a face; or with the idea of being in love
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This site is amazing and has tons of dates and ideas to strengthen your marriage!
The Dating Divas
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I need advice from someone who understands from my perspective as an long distance army gf, my bf n I broke up he tried talking to anther girl& came back to me he said it took her to realize be waned me back. So we've been doing good two nights ago he adds a girl in his area on fb and I ask him about it be Denys adding or approving her but someone has to have added or approved to be friends it doesn't just magically happen. I got upset because he wasn't straight up about it(cont)

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Pt. 1

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(Cont p2) he told me he didn't know how it happened the night that it said they were friends he was out at the bar with his friends. He told me his friend hangs out with the girl I did some lurking and she's married so it seemed sketchy how his friend is "talking" to her when she has previous pictures of her husband. My bf says I have nothings to worry about and to be honest he has no game what so ever (cont)

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Pt. 2

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(Contp3) he's different that's what I liked about him and he swore to me that he isn't meeting any girls and I trust him but it just doesn't seem right to me like something tells me he isn't lying but something tells me I should be worried idk what to think like me and him already had a talk about it and he says he doesn't know how she ended up being his friend I made him delete her and he did so idk if I'm over reacting or if I have a right to feel the way I do

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Pt. 3 

Ok I think what’s happening is you have no trust in him so whether this situation is sketchy or not you’re going feel upset and a little concerned. And that’s normal and perfectly ok in my opinion. Trust is tricky. It takes so long to build it up but it can be broke in seconds.

Personally the situation seems sketchy. Not the adding a girl thing the whole “I don’t know how she got added…” I call bullshit. Two years ago this girl sent my bf a naked picture. I still call bs on how she just randomly sent it but we had probably a very similar chat like you guys had, actually we had several (I’m having trouble letting it go) and moved on- well I’m working on it. The agreement was he was not to talk to her and I later made him block her so I felt confident. Got no fight from him he was ok with it all. This fall i found out he talked to her again. I believe him it was only one message and I believe the context although I never saw the message. But he broke my trust. He spoke to her. The agreement was to block her and move forward. Now because of this my trust in him is broken again. So like you get worried about every move and every girl he talks to.

This is where we stand now. When he was home on leave we spoke about it. He ended up talking to a friend who bitched him out for all the things he’s done to mess up our relationship (never realized how much his friends liked me) but when we talked I was honest with him. I told him I’m having trouble trusting him and explained why. Now he’s not always the crayon in the box so I had to put him in my place and make him see where I’m coming from. It wasn’t an easy conversation and were still working on the trust stuff.

So my advice is look at what you know see what’s truth and what’s fiction talk to him. Tell him how you’re feeling with out attacking him. Stay calm as best you can. He’ll get defensive and that doesn’t mean he’s guilty of anything he’s just trying to defend himself. It may not get solved in one conversation and it’ll take time. But what you’ll want is him to build up your trust again. It’s possible he’s just friending this girl to check her out for his friend or she’s just someone he met out and she just a new friend. There’s a million explanations. You know him enough to tell which one he gives you is truth or false. Go with your instincts but talk to him.


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