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I just started my relationship with boyfriend and I'm trying to understand as much as I can about this What does milso mean?

from Anonymous

Milso stands for Military Significant Other.

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Im not really sending a question, but I just got some really good news today! My boyfriend comes home in a month! On sept 6 and hes here till the 15th. I'm so excited! I didnt think this day would come, after all these months of waiting now we just gotta wait one more month and we can finally see each other again! I just wanted to share my news because I know you guys understand how I'm feeling right now :D

from noellegabriella95

Yay ! :D Good for you!! Hope you have a wonderful time :)

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Do you know of any blogs or anything that might help military kids get through a parents deployment ? My dad's going back to Afghanistan, and I was wondering if there were any online communities I could follow.. Thankyouu!

from Anonymous

Anyone? :)

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To the anon whose bf is in the navy and in South Carolina, I'm in literally the EXACT same situation, so PLEASE feel free to message me!

from moonshineandmagnolias


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hey my bf is in the navy and hes in south Carolina in school at the moment. And he's having a rough time at school, and i just feel really bad because i can't do much about him being so stressed. I sent him a package yesterday he should get it by friday, but any ideas on how to help him out? I just feel useless.

from Anonymous

I was in your situation last deployment. While my husband was deployed his grandfather passed away, after being put on an emergency hold for 4 days and not a single word being passed on to him, they finally told him that they weren’t going to let him come back to the states. He was heartbroken, and very depressed and i honestly didn’t know what to do to help him cope. I felt useless and I was very upset that I couldn’t do anything about it. But obviously i couldn’t show him I was upset or sad because he needed me more than ever, I needed to be the strong one in this situation in order to give him strength. Every time he would call i would find ways to cheer him up, have random conversations & also get him to talk about his emotions just so he wouldn’t bottle them up. Everyday I would send him a motivational message just so when ever he had a chance to get on his fb he’d see it and make his day better. And I’d always remind him how much i love him and he means to me, and that everything always gets better. We tend to feel so useless at times like this because we know how bad they need us and we’re a zillion miles away and theres so much we can do but honestly, just be positive and be strong for him. Because when he is at his weakest you have to pick him up. :)


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To the anon that submitted a question about their SO deploying and wanting to know how to reach out to them while deployed, the question will not be posted bc even though you did not mention locations, you mention month times. Remember OPSEC please :)

But to answer your question

Deployments are hard and each deployment is different and communication varies. Definitely make sure you send him care packages, you can include letters in them and such. If he’s able to, he can call you. If he has wifi access, he can always take his laptop or an ipad or device and you guys can email, facebook, SKYPE, OOVOO. Facetime etc. there will be times where you probably won’t hear from him but don’t get discourage everything will be okay and every day that goes by will be a day closer to being in his arms :) stay strong & keep busy! You’ll get through it and we’re here to help you ❤️


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So... My boyfriend's deployed, and we're getting pretty close to the halfway mark (yay!), but I'm seriously confused that I have not taken this deployment as hard as I thought I would. I mean I still get sad every once in awhile, but nothing like I expected. It's his first deployment, and god knows I miss him every second of the day, but I expected wild crying and horrible sadness.. Maybe I'm just used to it now? I have been busy a lot lately. Idk. Any thoughts?

from c-ontentiously

Everyone deals with deployments in different ways. When my husband left last year I feel like i took it like a champ. He literally left the day of my job interview, did I shed a tear? No. Was i sad ? FUCK yes. I went in that room, rocked that interview and got the job. Of course some days I’d missed him terribly and end bawling my eyes out. But most of the time I was ok. I was busy, I worked, worked out, hung out with friends and did things just as I would if he would’ve been there. And now with this new deployment I’m preparing myself to be the same way. Some people cry everyday, some cry whenever they just miss them too much, etc… Others just won’t cry and go on like nothing. Doesn’t mean anything bad. We all just have different ways of coping with things, some of us have stronger backbones than others. But its all OKAY :)


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NEED ADVICE: My boyfriend is 21 stationed in Cali I'm 18 in Ohio I'll be a sophomore in college. We planned to get married after my first year but due to the distance and only seeing eachother 1 time the past year & my growing fear of moving away we didn't get married. My parents aren't supportive and no one seems to understand. I love him & want to be with him but am afraid of having no job, college degree, or friends. I don't want to go on like this for 3 more years though. What do I do?

from Anonymous

I’d say if you’re worried of all those things that eventually will benefit your future, you should just finish your degree. I know your anxious to finally end the distance and be married but your future is also important. Or maybe you could see if you could transfer somewhere where he is stationed and continue on with your education. I feel thats really important and you should definitely get it done.

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So how is everyone?

Let me just say my life is pretty hectic and I don’t have the time for anything nowadays. Boohooo

Buut I’m doing great, dealing with this extremely hot weather lol.

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My bf is visiting on his leave this Saturday for two weeks and we decided were don't with long distance and are getting married he's so excited he's already told his friends and he let the whatever I forgot what he said was called to let them know and all that's left is confronting my parents I'm really nervous but excited to be with him as his wife my parents are old fashioned and would probably disagree they think we don't know each other enough

from Anonymous

Well congratulations to you guys! Good luck in telling your parents & your new life as wife & husband. :) Lots of blessings your way.

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My boyfriends brother just graduated from airforce basics and he really wants to join now which makes sense because his dad is also a retired airman. But as much as I hate to admit it I'm just not supportive of it because I just don't want to be without him for that long because I have really bad separation anxiety. I have no idea how to deal with this. Any advice?

from Anonymous

Hey doll! I think what you are experiencing is quite common. It’s normal for people who see their friends and family join the military to get bit by the enlisting bug and want to join. I know it can be difficult to imagine life seperated from your SO, but imma bout to hit ya with some hard core truth, ya ready?…

Your boyfriends life is his life. And his decisions are his own. It’s a bit selfish of us as our boyfriends partners to ask them not to do something they really want to do just because it means being apart from them. It isn’t always easy being supportive of something that means change. But as a friend, girlfriend, boyfriend, partner, family member, or whatever it is, it is our job to support our pal in whatever it is their heart desires. 

It wont be easy, but just think about how you would want your boyfriend to react if you wanted to do something great for yourself. 

Hope this helps. 


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My bf joined the navy and is leaving in a few more months! I just finished college and he's going to the navy to get his degree b/c he thinks its the best way. I'm strong now knowing I probably won't see him for months at a time. Can someone give me a real reality check of how difficult this journey is? All my friends keep telling me "I'll be fine.." and "think about the benefits when ur married." I'm thinking of all the "FIRSTs" and holidays he'll be missing.

from Anonymous

Its difficult, its tough, its hard, its everything you think it is, its unexpected. But you know what else, you’re friends are right, you’ll be fine. Because yes, it is hard and it may feel impossible at times, its not. Eventually, things start to fall into their place and slowly you start getting used to the idea of the situation. You just have to be strong, and the both of you have to be WILLING to work together no matter what in order to keep the relationship alive. Communication is key. Yes, theres going to be days where you won’t hear from him at all, maybe weeks, maybe months. But that little hope of knowing that once its over you’ll hear from him again or see him, its what should keep you going. You’ll be okay. And just know that you’re not alone, theres many many others like you and we are here for you!! ❤️

- K

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How is everyone???

from Anonymous

I’m good, been busy with alot of work and preparing for yet another deployment >.

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Does USPS still offer the Military Kit for free?

from Anonymous

I’m pretty sure they do! Call USPS Package Supply Center at 1-800-610-8734 & they’ll deliver you the things :)


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